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Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PST

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Previous Meeting Recordings

7.7.21 :: Alicia 'ACE' Easter shares her story 

6.2.2021 :: Lilan Northan discusses backend website and SEO optimization 

5.5.2021 :: Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, Is it Your Hormones? 

Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, an integrative medicine expert at Parsley Health and Board Certified Family Physician answered the question; Is it your hormones and addressed the connection between hormonal health and wellness. This conversation addressed what hormones actually are, which ones in particular can have a major impact on our overall wellness, and how to cultivate balance to help feel our best every day. 

4.07.2021 :: Andrea Gutierrez, Founder of Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry. Andrea shares her incredible story and shares wonderful tips for success. 

3.03.2021 :: Jessica Cure, Founder of Cure Designs and the Holistic Business Approach shares her story and suggestions on how to incorporate a more holistic and balanced approach to our lives.

2.03.2021 :: Shannon Kim, Founder of the Beauty Haus, Shannon is a visionary who inspires clarity and personal transformation. She acts as a guide to connect others to their deepest truth.

01.06.2021 :: Venessa Ringle,  Founder of Gravitas, a love coaching company and manifestation community based in LA, with clients globally. We help women manifest their soulmates. 

12.02 :: Shana Frahm, global media and marketing expert with over thirty years in music, sports, entertainment, film, fashion, hospitality, tourism, technology, agriculture and in recent years, politics and philanthropy. She’s been helmed at global brand media and communications functions in c-suite and executive level posts, along with serving in an agency capacity in support of game-changing leaders and entrepreneurs. From the founding days of the Hard Rock Cafes to the lights of the MGM Grand in Vegas, to the Olympic snowboarding halfpipe with Burton and Quiksilver, she has directed teams in Europe, North America, Asia and the Southern Hemisphere. A few brands she’s worked with include Quiksilver, Burton, Vans, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Weber Shandwick Worldwide, Hard Rock International, Hard Rock America, Icebreaker, LulaRoe, Target, Manduka, Roxy and MedMen. Most recently Shana served on two U.S. Presidential Campaigns, including Bernie Sanders, as a senior staffer, media trainer and celebrity surrogate strategist. She credits a long and storied career with the ability to remain agile, open and teachable, crossing over to new industries to share best practices, as traditional media and communications gave rise to the digital age.

11.04 :: Wen-Chia Parker; a sustainable architect, artist, author, gardener and teacher, and Rhonna Del Rio; a spiritual artist, architect and a master of Feng Shui, CBWC members share their expertise.

10.07 :: Tashanda Giles Jones is a Los Angeles-based environmental educator who cultivates curiosity and nurtures the growth of inner city youth in order to build a more sustainable future. Watch and learn + explore the  slideshow presentation with live links to dive deeper into intersectional environmentalism.

08.20 :: Tana Amen is VP of Amen Clinics and empowers thousands to become warriors for their health. She's the author of 10 books, including the New York Times best-seller The Omni Diet. Tana is a highly respected speaker and media guest who has appeared on the Doctors, The Today Show, Extra and Good Day New York to name a few and has helped to raise millions of dollars for public television. She's a health and fitness expert and martial arts enthusiast and a 3x cancer survivor, nurse, mother and the wife of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen. Listen in as Tana talks about overcoming grief 

05.20 ::Dawn Johnson is founder and CEO of Wholesaler Express, a leader in financial scheduling and national account management for financial wholesalers. Dawn shared her insights on maintaining financial stability during a time of instability and shared her story to financial success. Listen in for some great tips!

Business Resources

Marketing Your Business (notes from marketing veteran Shana Frahm)

  • She considers the important aspects of business to be human connection and creativity

  • She makes an effort to connect with at least 10 people per week whether on LinkedIn, DM, etc

  • Writing skills will serve you throughout your career

  • Her favorite key words in life “compassionate boundaries”   

  • Always consider “are you speaking to the needs of the community” in business 

  • Don’t attach your business to one social media platform or database as it can be taken away (i.e., you don’t own your contacts on Instagram)  

  • Strive for at least 7 touch points to reach your customers (i.e., social, email, advertising, experiential, etc)

  • Strive for the 8/8/8 balance (8 hours of work, 8 hours of play, 8 hours of sleep)

  • Continue investing in your health 

  • If you’re building an international brand or want to reach a diversified audience, get local feedback within those communities, make relationships within each culture 

  • And finally, email will slowly begin to become obsolete for one-on-one communication. Email will be used solely for email marketing.